My secret santa person loves Appa, so I threw in an Appa card to make it extra special!! :D

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Kate Bishop derping at SacAnime 2014 and ALA 2014!

Cosplayer: onaer 
Photographers: Toshiyasu Morita, Ben Rogers, Colm Gavin, and Hamasuki

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This is the highlight of sacanime winter 2014… Doing derpy photoshoots as Kate and freezing my ass off!! More photos to come later~

Thanks Ben Rogers for the photos!

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Inspired by the disney movie Frozen!

I’m going to be at SacAnime this weekend demo’ing at the Deleter Neopiko art supply booth! And this time, I will be demo’ing their fabric markers!

I will also be taking pen, marker, or fabric commissions upon request!

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Every time I refer back to this page of notes.. (and there are a lot of meaningful notes on this page!!) My professor laughs at how ridiculous it is. My thinking process includes Monster University.

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Whenever I get stuck on my thesis research… I end up doodling my research findings. I call it my ‘procrastination stage’. My professor calls it “a very smart idea!” My thesis will now include a bunch of comical doodles. 8D (success!)

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I had a great time at APE this weekend! Thank you all for stopping by the Deleter booth and saying hi to me!!

This was my first time being able to check out most of APE, and I must say, I was overwhelmed by all the amazing artists out there! I only got to browse a little over half the whole convention, but this is my comics haul!! I’m very attracted to art styles beyond the norm when it comes to comics. :)

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