Lady Hawkeye - Kate Bishop at Lands End, San Francisco.

Cosplayer: Pooopy / onaer
Photographers: Harrison & Kelly Dun

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Freebie doodles on gaia~!
Find me: Kuruupo
Doodled on SketchBookDesigner

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Bulma: onaer / öpy
Vegeta: Batshep / Batshep
Photographer: Kelly Dun Photography

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Its a slow computer day. Getting back into line work with Deleter Neopiko Line-3 in size 02.

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Vegeta and Bulma! #Fanime

Batshep and I at fanime2014!! :D

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I’m most likely going to be at AX? Working up some possible freebies if I end up demo’ing at the Deleter booth again! 

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I dropped by the Deleter booth for some doodling during Fanime2014! 

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My secret santa person loves Appa, so I threw in an Appa card to make it extra special!! :D

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Kate Bishop derping at SacAnime 2014 and ALA 2014!

Cosplayer: onaer 
Photographers: Toshiyasu Morita, Ben Rogers, Colm Gavin, and Hamasuki

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This is the highlight of sacanime winter 2014… Doing derpy photoshoots as Kate and freezing my ass off!! More photos to come later~

Thanks Ben Rogers for the photos!

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