I’m taking my swirls to the next level and making it 3D. Busted out the sculpey and this is a much harder job than I thought.

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I’ve been taking a lot of WIP photos with my phone… But I don’t have an instagram… and my camera phone isnt that great either… maybe I should get a new phone?

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Was watching Frozen while doodling… I somehow really enjoy drawing swirly stuff with patterns.

Can you find Olaf’s face in the swirls?

Portraits day. I’m totally obsessed with black ink…

The only med that has made improvements on my weird sickness. Also, my new LED light pad is awesome.

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The beginning of a new short project.
I want a steamer to clear my nose…

Still cant tell if this is allergies or a cold/flu

Lets just say I’m going to be having lots of fun, and a bit of frustration in the next week. Trying out a bunch of new products given by Jaquard.

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Had a bit of fun experimenting with a new quill nib from Deleter. Also trying to get myself to do more texturing and shading using the black ink first. Sometimes, shading doesn’t require additional color. I also had fun creating a weird language that doesnt really say anything..

Been playing Fire Emblem more lately. Gaius is definitely my favorite. Can’t get enough candy!!

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A quick experimental piece done at SacAnime. I wanted to see what kind of textures I can make using the Deleter quill nibs and Neopiko-2 markers. Went in with black ink #3 for the background.

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